Study in Italy

Top 7 reasons to consider Italy as your next study destination?

The safest and a lot of favorite tourist destinations to explore at affordable cost:

 A country of south-central Europe with a long Mediterranean coastline. Italy has boarders with Switzerland, Austria, France and Slovenia. Interestingly Italy is a home for two countries called Vatican City (the smallest and powerful country) and San Marino (A tourist destination). As there are a lot of top tourist destinations including Venice (The city of lakes), Rome (The eternal city) are highly affordable. The vacations in Europe in Europe will gives you the best experience as a international student. As Italy located in central part of the Europe, reaching many favorite tourist destinations is just 1-2 hrs. flight away. The transportation facility in Europe is absolutely convenient and affordable. International students in Europe with Shenzhen visa will get concessions to visit many places like museums, national parks, art galleries and many more. If you choose to travel in off season, it will surely cost you a fraction, for instance the flight tickets to many European tourist destinations in off season (during winter) from Italy would be less than 20 Euros. Italy itself has a lot of tourist destinations to attract international students in Italy, Like Rome, Venice, Milan, cinque Terre, Amalfi coast, Florence, Sardinia, Lake como, Alps, Pisa, Verona, Siena…Etc.  Italy is known for safest, cleanest and healthiest. Italy is consistently placed as safe country in global safety rankings and higher than both England and the United states.

Study in Italy in English without IELTS and Opportunity to become a Multilingual:

The official and widely spoken language has been Italian yet the 34% of Italian population can speak fluent English. The younger, students, and working population uses good standard English. In recent decades, internationalization of Italian companies demanding more and more English-speaking graduates, therefore many Italian universities started offering English degrees to attract international students and to fulfil the demand of English-speaking graduates  for domestic companies. It is clear that having multilingual skills in Italy (Including Italian language and English Skills) will help you to gain employment after your degree in Italy. Italian language is very easy to learn and Interesting for English language speakers. English language inherited many words from Italian and Latin scripts. Students will get opportunity to become a multilingual as students will get enough opportunities to speak and make friendship with local people. The Italian language classes for international students provided at free of cost.

           Study in Italy, in English, is a unique opportunity for international students. If a student has a degree with the medium of instruction in his/her previous degree, the English language requirement for university applications in Italy would be waived off, like most of the Indian degrees in English medium degrees, so the students who want to study in Italy for Indian students in English degree do not need to submit IELTS score instead they can submit Medium of instruction. For more details contact us.

Studying in Italy makes your job Exploration in other European countries is easy?

As part of European Union agreement, the foreign students from Non-EU member states also eligible to apply Shenzhen visa, which allows to explore Shenzhen countries without ant additional visa requirements. Student can study up to 90 days in any Shenzhen country with Italian study permit and can attend job interviews, Internships, research works, and Study exchange programs without any visa burdens. Internships are the gateways for permanent job offers, It is common practice in Italy and in other European nations to recruit international students from other European country for an internship or temporary employee as international students do not need any separate visa. Once the employer finds the performance is satisfactory, Employer can apply for permits for employee in the respective country. This is the best opportunity for international students isn’t it?

Job Opportunities in Italy after master’s degree?

Italy transfigured itself as a High-Tech Hotbed. in recent decades because of efficient industrial policies Italy, became Europe’s second-largest manufacturing economy and home to regionally environmentally efficient manufacturing practices.  Italy placed as Europe’s third-largest exporter in flexible manufacturing technologies including robotic technologies including 9.6$ worth of Italian exports to USA in the year 2019 alone.  Italy placed among the world leaders in industrial machinery. Italy not only a home for industrial machineries but also hub for automobile technologies, Fashion, Architecture, Health care equipment, Information technology and Many more. The business-oriented cities like Milan are attracting many international companies to set up their business in Italy because of ease of dog business in Italy. Milan is fashion capital for Italy. Italy has astonishing history in super cars making and many car companies have originated from Italy like, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Fiat, Alfa Roma..Etc. World’s leading fashion brands like Armani, Zara, H&M are belonging to Italy. As these expansions to other courtiers goes on, the opportunities in these areas would generate a lot of opportunities in these areas for the students who come from abroad. 

Quality of education, best ranking universities and wide range of English taught courses in Italy:

Quality of your education defines employability. Few of top universities located in Italy are ra ranked below 50 in QS world rankings and Many of them have established centuries ago. The education system contributed largely in Italian economy growth. University ranking information can be found here

In the previous decade, because of demand for English speaking graduates’ Italian universities started offering English taught degrees. Most of the English taught degrees are master’s degree courses, however there are handful universities offering bachelors courses in English medium. Students can choose wide range of courses right from arts to rocket science in English taught courses. Most of the Italian university bachelor’s degree duration is 3 years and master’s degree duration is 2 years. Student can experience right balance of  theory and practice even internship are also quite common during the course.Research activities are the best thing to do in Italy as most of the professors are highly qualified to guide you in your research work.

Scholarships in Italy will allow to study at Free/Low tuition:

Scholarship is one of the most deciding factor while choosing masters or bachelors abroad.

It may be surprising information for you, if you have never heard about Italian government scholarships which allows you to study your masters/bachelor’s degree at free of cost or Low cost. There are several scholarships based on your academic achievements with possibility of tuition fee waiver up to 100%.  These academic score based scholarships based on competition among international students applications, quality of your application and few other factors. Even students who won’t get academic based scholarships or students with lower academic scores, do not need to worry about scholarship. They can apply economic based scholarship, Which will allow students to study at no tuition fee and amount for living expenses would be given(5200 Euros/Year). All students who are studying in Italy in a public university are eligible to apply economic based scholarships. Fly Masters is one of the best abroad education consultancy in India to process your applications to Italian Universities along with scholarship. So far all of our students who studying in Italy having full scholarships. Scholarships in Italy is not just making an online application and wait for the result a lot of documentation involved in India and In Italy. Even a smaller mistake in documentation would lead your chances of getting scholarship from 100% to 0%. Our team of experts including founders of fly masters who studied and utilized the same scholarship will process your application in order to avoid any kind of mistakes. You can reach us any time for more information about scholarships in Italy here.

Affordable health care and Exchange programs for international students:

Italian health care is one of the best in the world and highly affordable. International students also can enjoy same benefits what citizen having. International students have to pay the same amount of insurance cost what’s Italian taxpayers is paying. Truly awesome isn’t it? The premium of student health insurance is 98 Euro per one year which allows to access public health care for year from the date of buying and 148 Euros health insurance will allow students to access any INPS doctor from January 1st to December 31st. It is considered as the least cost and best of health insurance compared other European country.

Exchange programs will be helpful to the students who wants to pursue the degree in different country. If I say the you can pursue your degree one semester in Italy, other semester in Germany or Holland or Germany..etc and come back to Italy for your final semester to complete. Its absolutely possible. The good thing is exchange programs are sponsored by Italian host universities. So students can reimburse everything right from tuition to Flight changes and accommodation. Why wait. Let’s make an enquiry to fly masters about these programs.