Study in Germany

•    Germany consists of 16 States & the capital and largest city is Berlin. 
•    Population of Germany is 82.5 million and it is the fourth-largest economy in the world and Europe’s largest. 
•    It is a leading exporter of machinery, vehicles, chemicals, and household equipment and benefits from a highly skilled labor force.
•    German is the official and predominant spoken language in Germany. 
•    Euro is the official currency of Germany. 
Some of the famous cities in Germany are 
•    Berlin 
•    Munich 
•    Frankfurt 
•    Hamburg 
•    Dresden 
•    Leipzig  
•    Heidelberg
Capital: Rome
Popular cities: Milan, Rome, Vatican city, Bologna, Turin, Parma, Venice, Florence, Genova, Verona, Pisa, Bari,   Amalfi, Padova, Bergamo
Why Study in Germany?
•    Free education or extremely low cost of education 
•    Quality Education 
•    Good Job Prospects 
•    Post-study work VISA of 18 months
 Travel Time from India: 9 hours by flight. 
Currency: Euro
Post-study work permit: 1.5 Years
Undergraduate study course duration: 36-48 months
Postgraduate study course duration: 24 months
Requirements for Germany application processing:
In general, the English Language requirement as per Germany is (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) Level B2 which is as mentioned below:- 
Minimum 6.5 overall with 6.0 in each section in IELTS
IELTS waiver  is possible on the basis of Medium of Instruction(MOI) in your previous studies for very few universities
TOEFL: 65 and Above
GRE: 305 and Above Suggested( Even not mentioned in the websites, The candidates with GRE are being     admitted most of the German Universities)
GMAT for MBA: 650 and Above if required 
Work Experience: If any gap present during or after education Experience certificates required
To know the requirements/ Eligibility of specific universities please contact us here
Spouse visa Option: Not possible 
Major intakes:
Winter—September—Is a major intake almost all universities are opened
Minor Intake:
Summer: March –Very few universities are opened for March intake
To know about current admission status please contact here..
Time schedule for Italy Applicants for September(Winter) intake:
IELTS Coaching: July
Give IELTS Exams: September
IELTS Results: End of September
Applications for Sept Intake: September, October, November, December, January, February, March, April 
Offer Letters: December, January, February, March, April
Pre Enrolment: May, June, July
Prepare & Apply for Visa: July, August 
Fly to Italy: September
Time schedule for Feb/Mar(Summer) intake:
IELTS Coaching: June, July
Give IELTS Exams: July IELTS Results: End July 
Applications for Jan Intake: July, August, September, October, Nov. 
Offer Letters: August, September, October, November 
Prepare & Apply for Visa: November, December 
Fly to Italy: January
Popular Courses:
MSc. Automobile engineering 
MSc. Mechanical engineering
Msc. Civil Engineering
Masters in business administration
Msc. Manufacturing Engineering
Msc. Geo Informatics 
Msc. Building engineering and Architecture 
Msc. Graphic design
Msc. Interior design
Msc. Architecture
Msc.  Fashion design
Msc. Product design
Msc. Design Engineering
Msc. Thermo dynamics
Masters in Pharmacy
Masters in management
Msc. Data science 
Msc.Cyber Security
Msc.Computer science and Electrical Engineering
Masters in information technology
Msc Electrical Engineering
Msc mechanical engineering
Msc. Industrial Engineering
Msc Electrical and electronics engineering
Msc civil engineering
Msc Structural engineering
MSc. Management Engineering
Msc.Regulatory Affairs
MSc.Clinical sciences
Msc. Biotechnology
Msc. Plant Science
Msc.Supply chain management 
Msc. Agriculture sciences
Msc. Aeronautical Engineering
Msc. Supply chain management
Msc. Robotics
Msc. Tele communication
Msc. VlSI
Msc. Wireless communication
For suitable courses for your profile please contact here
University fee:
German universities are offering free education but candidates should have a very good academic background, IELTS score, and GRE score. University tuition fee ranges between 4000 Euro/Year to 6000 Euros/Year for more information please send us a query. The fee varies based upon the university ranking, Location, Course duration, Entry Level Etc..If you need any specific information regarding the fee please fill the enquiry form here..
German Language Levels
Test Locations 
Goethe Institute/Max Muller Bhavans are at major cities like Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Chennai, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi, Pune, and Trivandrum. 
Test Dates and Fees Test dates and Fees are subject to changes and can be found online
Entry requirements for Masters
• There is no option of applying without IELTS or without final year
mark sheet in most of the universities. It is recommended to apply once the
student is ready with all the documents including IELTS scorecard and
Provisional Degree Certificate.
• Universities do not issue Conditional Offer Letters to the students.
• For courses like Mechanical Engineering and Automotive Engineering,
the candidate must have very good academics like 75% plus in Bachelors and aGRE score as well, as these are highly competitive courses.
Entry requirements for Bachelors 
13 years of education is required for entry in a Bachelors’s program in Germany. 
• This can be achieved by successfully completing the first year of a Bachelors’s program from a recognized university in India in the relevant subject field. 
 • Successfully completing a Foundation year at a university in Germany to compensate for the 13th year of education.
FAQ’s Germany Student visa Procedure:
What is the student visa type for Germany?
The Student visa type is Studium.
What is the visa fee for Germany and what are the processing times?
For General visa fee is 8000 INR Approx. The processing time is up to 45 Days 
What is the Insurance fee and is it necessary to pay before the visa?
Yes, 1 Year travel and health insurance cost around 8500 INR
What is the initial deposit?
The initial deposit is the fee you pay for university admission confirmation. The fee varies from university to university( 10 Euros to 5000 Euros) for a few universities it can be up to 75% of the tuition fees.
Should I Maintain any bank balance for Visa?
Yes, Students should prove financial ability by depositing in Blocked account. The amount (10236 Euro) is the same for all students. Once a student visa gets approved the amount in savings will be blocked and disbursed every month for accommodation and food expenses. 
How can I track my Germany visa?
You can track a visa using the VFS receipt tracking number.
Is there any visa interview for Germany Visa?
Yes, Students have to attend Visa Interview, Student visa result solely based on interview performance. 
Does visa Appointment booking necessary for a German Visa?
Yes, it is necessary for a visa interview. It’s very difficult to get on time. 
Can I book a visa interview and Visa documents submission on the same day?
No, the Visa interview and Visa documents submission cannot be booked on the same day. After visa approval, you have to submit your passport for stamping at VFS 
Is there any minimum duration for the reapplication of student Visa?
No, there is no minimum duration for student Visa reapplication. You can reapply based upon slots availability.
How many years of visa duration will be printed in case of visa approval?
9 months to 12 months duration. In few cases, 3 months duration visas being issued.
Can I attend Visa Interview in Different cities?
Yes, it is possible to book Visa Interview in Different cities but should fall under your jurisdiction.
In Case of student visa approval in How many days my visa will be printed?
Anywhere between 15 to 45 days 
How many days will it take to get an admission from university?
1 month to 2 months at least.
Can I work in Germany During my study Period?
Yes, Students can work up to 20 hours per week during the study period 
Why Fly Masters:
Fly Masters is a one-stop solution for Abroad Education Aspirants, founded by professionals who studied and worked abroad for several years. We have tie-ups with 800+ Universities in 29 countries having 88,000 plus course options across the globe.
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                            Receiving an admission from University doesn’t mean visa guaranteed. Visa processing for each country is different. A successful Visa application involved many aspects like Financial documentation, interview preparation, visa interview scheduling, Advance fee payment in some cases, visa fee payment, Accommodation arrangements, travel and health insurance, certificate verifications, and many more. We are perfect in each and every aspect of the visa application. Fly Mastrians do not have to worry about visa application, our systematic approach will help students to make visa applications hazel free and our team professionals train you with mock interviews. Absolutely amazing isn’t it?.  Why wait, Be a Fly Masters Alumni. Fly to Italy.
Strengths for Germany processing:
Expert Guidance on University/Course selection
Expedite admission processing from Universities(Admit Guarantee)*.
Quick Admission process.
Experienced in Visa processing
Forex and Funds assistance
Visa Interview training
Pre and post-departure Assistance
Find our list of universities we promoting in Germany:
Click here
•    Jacobs University, Bremen 
•    SRH Hochschule Berlin 
•    SRH Heidelberg
•    Munich business school
•    Cologne Business School, Cologne 
•    Hochschule Bremen – International Graduate Centre 
•    GISMA Business School, Hanover 
•    Accadis University of Applied Sciences, Bad Homburg, Hamburg 
•    Paderborn University, Paderborn, Germany 
•    New European College, Munich 
•    International University of Applied Sciences – IUBH, Berlin/Bad Honnef 
•    International School of Management, Dortmund 
•    EU Business School, Munich 
•    Berlin School of Business and Innovation 
•    University of Applied Sciences Europe, Hamburg 
•    EIIE Eurasia Institute for International Education GmbH, Berlin
•    Macromedia University
•    Lanchester university
•    BBW university of applied sciences 
•    Berlin international college
•    PFH private university of applied sciences 
•    Chappe institute| ICT engineering and management