Electronics & Communication

Electronics & Communication


In this section, you can find the information about the courses relevant to prioritized courses in Electronics & Communication Engineering. The courses are for your reference and to provide an overview of the courses.

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    Advanced courses and specializations in ECE

    • VLSI.
    • Embedded Systems – not many offer this. It is mostly seen in the Computer Department.
    • Optical Communications.
    • Signal Processing.
    • Satellite Communications.
    • Network engineering
    • Control Systems.
    • Microwave Engineering.
    • Artificial intelligence
    • IOT
    • Machine learning
    • Nanotechnology
    • Computer science and Electronics Engineering
    • Nano-electronics and Photonics.
    • Microprocessors.
    • Optical Devices and Systems.
    • Nanotechnology and Materials & Devices.
    • Telecommunications and Information Systems.
    • Embedded Micro Controllers.
    • Electromagnetic Fields and Applications.
    • Digital Signal Processing.
    • Robotics

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