In this section you can find the information about the courses relevant to prioritized courses in Pharmacy. The courses are for your reference and to provide the overview about the courses.

Fly Masters is a one stop solution for Abroad Education Aspirants, founded by professionals who studied and worked abroad for several Years. We have tie-ups with 800+ Universities in 29 countries having 60,000 plus course options across the globe.

We understand higher education at abroad is not just another degree in a student’s life. A plethora of aspirations are associated with it including precious time, financial resources, career objectives and many more. As we have experienced the same, we understand every student is unique and brings different set of challenges. We help our students to achieve their goals by training them in GRE/IELTS and right from basics until they reach their destination.

Our best in the class IELTS trainers have helped students achieve 8.0+ scores and to qualify for top institutions across the globe. Our students can select courses from wide range of universities depending on their distinct requirements in their dream country. Our seamless work horses will follow up with universities for smooth and fruitful admissions. Fly Masters believe Scholarships will help students to complete their degree at effort able cost. Few of our connected universities offering Scholarships up to 60% of tuition fee based on Student profile and scores achieved.

Receiving an admission from University doesn’t mean visa guaranteed. Visa processing for each country is different. A successful Visa application involved many aspects like financial documentation, interview preparation, visa interview scheduling, Advance fee payment in some cases, visa fee payment, Accommodation arrangements, travel and health insurance, certificate verification’s and many more. We are perfect in each and every aspect of the visa application. Fly Mastrians do not have to worry about visa application, our systematic approach will help students to make visa applications hazel free and our team professionals train you with mock interviews. Absolutely amazing isn’t it? Why to wait, be a Fly Master Student and Fly to abroad to pursue your Bachelors/Masters.

  • MSc Advancing Clinical Pharmacy Practice
  • MSc Advancing Clinical Pharmacy Practice with Extended Placement
  • MSc Pharmacology
  • MSc in Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs
  • Masters in Applied Science – Analysis of Pharmaceutical Compounds
  • M Phil Pharmacy
  • MSc Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance & Biotechnology
  • MSc Advanced Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • MSc Advanced Pharmacology
  • MSc Cancer Pharmacology
  • MSc Pharmaceutical Analysis
  • M.S. in Toxicology
  • MSc Pharmaceutical and Analytical Science
  • MSc Pharmaceutical Formulation and Business Strategy
  • (MSc by Research) Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • M.S. in Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology
  • M.S. in Molecular, Cellular and Biochemical Pharmacology
  • Master of Medical Science with Bio-medicine
  • Master of Pharmaceutical Modelling
  • MSc Physiotherapy (pre-registration)
  • MSc Pharmaceutical Quality by Design
  • MSc Pharmacology & Biotechnology
  • MSc Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  • MSc Pharmacology with Project Management
  • Pharmacology with Data Analytics MSc
  • M.S. in Toxicology
  • Master’s in Biomarkers in Molecular Medicine
  • M.S. in Regulatory Science
  • M.S. in Enterprise Intelligence
  • M.S. in Regulatory Affairs for Drugs, Biologics, and Medical Devices
  • M.S. in Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology
  • M.S. in Physical and Applied Sciences
  • PhD. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology & M.D. in Medicine (Dual Degree)
  • MSc in International Pharmaceutical Business Management
  • M.S. in Pharmaceutics
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Pharmaceutics
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Pharmacology
  • Masters in Infection Biology
  • MSc Information Security & Digital Forensics (with Industrial Placement)
  • Master of Rehabilitation
  • Master of Pharmaceutical Science
  • Master’s Degree in Pharmaceutical Bio-technologies
  • Masters of Drug Regulatory Affairs
  • M.S. in Pharmacy Administration
  • Master of Pharmaceutical Industry Practice

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